Physical security solutions ensure the safety of individuals, property, and premises.

Currently, modern surveillance systems empower your association to accomplish more than just getting the troublemaker. They can now be able to assist you in watching out for functional processes and produce information insights of your business.

IONS Solutions has significant experience in IP surveillance projects designing and development, which is one of the complex requirements of every industry to meet in order to eliminate the physical security risks of the environment.

The advantages of our surveillance solution incorporate:

Anytime at Any Location: Offers access to monitoring devices at any location anytime. Permitting remote investigation, checking, and keeping an eye on the security staff.

Network Management: IP cameras and servers are observed and overseen over a single network for issues, designs, and centralized logging.

More Accessibility: IP networks offer an undeniable level of redundancy that can stretch out to various physical areas.

More Adaptability: The systems can be extended to new areas as business needs change.

Efficient Image Processing: Digitized pictures can be transferred and copied worldwide without quality reduction, stored well, and productively indexed.

There isn’t anything else significant other than ensuring the security and safety of your visitors and staff. Our security systems will identify any illegal activity by delivering the proofs of such actions when recorded.

As a full-service security integrator, IONS offers the latest physical security solutions to give incorporated, remotely accessed surveillance, and storage.