Quite possibly the most significant step to lining up services and marketing effort is having an SLA (service level agreement). Generally, the SLA characterizes precisely what a client will get from a service provider (us). The SLA serves internal operations too.

Our SLA is intended to make an alignment between us and our customers by setting up clear expectations and pointing any issues even before they occur.

Network Support

IONS focuses on the 100% accessibility of its network services at any time.

The network will be accessible where:

  • It is possible to send and get information across the network platforms or nodes claimed and managed by IONS.

In short, through our certified technical staff, IONS Solutions offers service level agreements to its regular clients for servers, networks, surveillance, data center, resident engineers, laptops, and desktops.

Customers’ Satisfactions

  • Clients disappointed with the level of service must promptly report issues to the manager and can demand clarity.
  • The client’s positive feedback will guarantee that we must keep on delivering the services at a level expected by our clients.
  • We will update our clients via meetings or notifications regarding our network plans and developments.
  • Clients can request customized services upgrades any time just by sending an email demonstrating the requested service, contact details, and the possible deadline. We treat your requests based on the “First-Come, First-Served” model.